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Wholesale Belly Rings

Navel piercing is easily one of the latest forms of body piercing that has become extremely popular among males and females across the world. With the growing fascination for washboard abs, more and more people are taking conscious steps to cut down high calorie food from their diet so that they can flaunt a flat tummy just like their favorite celebrity. There is barely a body jewelry that can accentuate the sensuous appeal of a slim and trim waste more than a belly ring. The demand for wholesale belly rings is going from strength to strength due to the increasing number of people opting for belly button piercing.

By buying wholesale belly rings you can not only save a considerable amount of money on your purchase but even pick up a wide variety of designs that can complement various outfits. You can find wholesale belly rings in various materials and styles to suit your taste. Thus you can either go for a captive bead ring piece for your navel piercing or highlight it with a dangling piece that is encrusted with precious gem stones. These come in various sizes and shapes and often come with logos of dolphin, butterfly, heart, cross, spider and even a star.

The wholesale belly rings collection available in the market caters to various budgets and is thus available in various materials ranging from more pocket friendly surgical steel, sterling silver, titanium and acrylic to more expensive yellow and white gold. You will also have to pay a heavy price for wholesale belly rings that are studded with Swarovski crystals or diamonds. Some wholesale belly rings also come embedded with precious gems such as rubies and emeralds that occupy a place of pride in the body jewelry collection of the rich and famous. These look quite stunning and are sure to make your friends go green with envy.

Off late, the market for gothic and tattoo inspired belly rings is expanding at a rapid pace. You too can get them at a bargain price if you browse through the wholesale belly rings collection displayed at various online body jewelry stores. You can even opt for blinking belly button rings that are made of titanium or surgical steel and are available at bargain prices at various online piercing jewelry stores. A clip on belly button ring is a perfect option for those who would love to wear a belly button ring but do not want to get a navel piercing.