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Dermal Piercing Information

Dermal anchoring, also known as dermal piercing is one of the hottest new trends in body piercing. Dermal piercing is basically a single-point anchor that is put into, or rather under the skin. The appearance is very much like a trans-dermal implant because there is just a bead on the surface, but the procedure is a lot less complicated.

Experts in the piercing field are beginning to prefer this technique over the trans-dermal implant procedure because it is so much simpler. In addition, these piercings are much easier to remove because you are dealing with jewelry, not implants. Dermal piercing can be done on just about any area of the body and generally speaking healing is not an issue unless the piercing is done on a body part that is always moving.

There are a lot of different techniques associated with piercing artists, and many piercing professionals are still experimenting with new and interesting ways to achieve the insertion. The most common method is done with a single hold done with a dermal punch and the skin around it is raised up with a taper to allow for the jewelry to be inserted.

After Care and Healing

After a dermal piercing the consumer will be given a set of very specific aftercare guidelines. If these guidelines are followed closely generally there are not any problems with the healing and the jewelry will look great! During the healing period the consumer is generally advised to press down on the jewelry once an hour or so and then they will need to keep a band aid on it at night. The purpose behind this is to help the anchor grip to the surrounding tissues. If you do this and keep the site clean there will likely not be any bruising, no bleeding, and will not cause any pain.