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Different Types of Tragus Jewelry

Tragus piercings are very common today and are a lot of fun to show off with different types of jewelry. When people first started piercing their tragus they simply had to use the other forms of body jewelry that were out there to use for ears and other piercings. Today there are tragus jewelery options that are meant specifically for this type of piercing. That means that as a consumer, you can really personalize your look safely and effectively, achieving a great look!

Perhaps the most common type of tragus jewelery is the tragus ring with ball. This is much like a captive bead ring as there is a ring that is held in place by a ball. The ball is often held in place with tension, much like a captive bead ring. Tragus rings with balls come in all different sizes and colors, as well as different gauges to really fit your piercing the very best.

Another popular type of tragus jewelery is the tragus ring with no ball. This gives the same effect, but there is not a ball. This means that the piece of metal just passes through the piercing and has a seamless look instead of being accented with a ball. If you like the ring but don't necessarily like the look of the ball, the tragus ring with no ball is a great option.

A unique looking piece of tragus jewelery is the tragus stud. The tragus stud looks a lot like a stud earring that you would wear in your ear lobe. The stud simply goes into the piercing and has a flat back to hold the jewelry in place. The result is that just a ball appears on the surface of the skin at the site of the tragus piercing.

Many people like the tragus jewelery that is in the shape of a horseshoe. This is often known as a curved barbell. It is a semi circle that is held in place with two small balls on either end of the half circle. This is a great look that is good for those that like the tragus rings but don't want a full circle in the piercing.

A unique type of tragus jewelery is the tragus spiral. This is a spiral shaped piece of jewelry that goes through the piercing. This is more noticeable and comes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors so you can choose how noticeable you want the piercing to be.

As you can see, there are many different types of tragus jewelery for you to choose from. You can have a lot of different pieces of tragus jewelery on hand to ensure that you always have something that you want to wear and will accent your outfit beautifully.