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Oral Piercing Care

When you get an oral piercing your focus needs to be on keeping it clean. When you have an oral piercing you are introducing the open piercing not only to the bacteria that is naturally present in your mouth, but also to foods and drinks that could irritate it. For this reason, it is important that you keep the piercing as clean as possible.

After piercing your piercing professional will likely tell you how you should clean it and they may even give or sell you the solution that you should clean it with. If not, you will want to choose an alcohol free antimicrobial or antibacterial mouth rinse, such as Biotene. These mouth rinse options can be found in the oral supply area of your local drugstore.

Your piercing specialist may also recommend mild sea salt water rinses. To do this you will mix a ¼ teaspoon of non iodized sea salt with eight ounces of warm distilled or bottled water.

With either of these cleaning solutions you will then rinse for 30 to 60 seconds. You’ll need to rinse after meals during the initial healing period, of which your piercing specialist should inform you. You will not want to rinse more than four to five times a day. You will not want to use the sea salt method of cleaning more than twice.

You should also make sure that you purchase a clean, soft bristled tooth brush. Good all around oral care is important when you have a healing piercing anywhere in your mouth. Any bacterium that is introduced to the piercing has the potential to cause infection, so keep the mouth as clean as possible.

It is normal after receiving an oral piercing to experience swelling for three to five days. Gently suck on chipped or shaved ice to help reduce the swelling. It is not uncommon for the piercing to bleed on and off for a few days and there may actually be some bruising present.

Avoid playing with the body jewelry as much as possible as this can irritate the piercing that is trying to heal. Also avoid oral sex, tobacco, chewing gum, and salty foods as these will all irritate a new piercing.