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Nostril Jewelry

The many ways in which the body can and has been modified around the world is truly amazing, and the ways in which they have been modified whether it is by piercings or other means they all have meaning that let the person that has had the procedure be who they are. Depending on where the piercing is it will have different meaning and perhaps it will just be made to beautify the body with nothing but aesthetics as the main reason to have body jewelry. If this is the case one of the most dramatic way in which you can change your appearance is by having nostril jewelry, this exotic way of having piercing jewelry on the body has many options when it comes to the jewelry that is available for it and this is one of the reasons for its growing popularity with every one.

A nose piercing can take place on either side of the nose or on the septum as well as on the bridge of the nose for a piercing called an Earl. The type of nostril jewelry used depends on where the piercing has taken place. For a septum the nostril jewelry used are nose rings, plugs, and pinchers and they are available in many different sizes because it can be stretched to accommodate larger sizes of jewelry. For an Earl the preferred choice is barbells, and circular barbells, but the most extensive amount is reserved for the sides of the nose which has an almost limitless amount of nostril jewelry made for it. There are nose rings, nose pins, nose studs and nose screws which are made in as many different materials and styles. This is one of the most ornately decorated nostril jewelry using precious metals and gems such as gold, silver, and stainless steel as well as diamonds and crystals.

The large selection of nostril jewelry makes it an ideal type of jewelry to purchase in bulk quantities from wholesale body jewelry vendors at online piercing stores. Because it does enjoy such popularity nostril jewelry is prominently displayed in the site of all wholesale jewelry vendors who specialize in selling piercing jewelry. Finding the right company that will take care of all your piercing supplies needs has become much easier because of the many stores that have an online presence and this convenience has also been responsible for the growing popularity of body jewelry no matter what part of the body it is made for.