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Know All About Eyebrow Piercing

Nose piercing was perhaps man’s first attempt at facial piercing. This was slowly extended to lip or labret piercing that was a common practice in many African as well North and Central American tribes including the Mayans and the Aztecs. With the advancement in piercing techniques used by professional piercing artists worldwide,eyebrow piercings have become quite popular among the adult population across nations. These look quite hip and happening and are actually a type of surface piercing that is done vertically through the eyebrow.

Eyebrow piercings should always be done by experienced piercing artists as a novice may cause permanent damage to any of the three major nerves present just above the eyes. It is safe to get eyebrow piercings towards the outer edge of the eyebrow and that too at an angle of nearly 40 degrees from the outer corner of the eyes so that the jewelry does not jut out abruptly. One of the major problems with eyebrow piercings is that of migration caused by heavy jewelry. Thus, you should take proper care of your eyebrow piercing during its healing time that can extend up to one year in some cases.

Eyebrow piercings can heal pretty quickly if only you follow some basic aftercare rules regarding the same. These include washing your hands thoroughly before touching the piercing and cleaning it on a daily basis as per the instructions given by the artist. In addition to that, it is extremely important that you avoid the use of any cosmetic products or alcohol based skin care formulations in and around the piercing. Those who get multiple eyebrow piercings should also avoid swimming in chlorine water till the time the piercing has healed completely. Lastly, do not play around with your eyebrow ring while the piercing is still raw or it may get infected and cause skin inflammation.

Body jewelry options for eyebrow piercings range from simple barbells to captive bead rings and curved bar bells. These can be made of clear glass, surgical steel, titanium, gold, acrylic and silver. You can also opt for curved eyebrow rings that come with various charms such as serpent, cherries or a tadpole. These are ideal to make a style statement and stand out in the crowd. You can pick up jewelry pieces for your eyebrow piercings as per your taste and budget and keep adding to them according to the changing fashion trends.