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Acrylic Body Jewelry Gaining Popularity

Acrylic body jewelry is one of the most appealing forms of adornment. It has become hugely popular as an increasing number of people are moving from traditional gold or silver jewelry and trying out new trends and styles in jewelry. A large number of people are going in for fashionable, elegant and affordable jewelry rather than sticking to conventional and old-fashioned designs. In keeping with the changing times and the evolving trends, new jewelry trends have begun gaining acceptance. Among the several new forms, acrylic body jewelry has also managed to create a niche market for itself. Acrylic tongue rings, belly rings, ear plugs, labrets, ear studs, bracelets and neck pieces are in great demand in the market.

Acrylic body jewelry is an extraordinary form of jewelry that can be made easily with the help of some supplies and a little bit of creativity. Make your own exquisite and affordable line of acrylic jewelry by taking the help of an acrylic jewelry-making book. While making such jewelry, one should keep in mind that there are different acrylic beads available in varied shapes, sizes, color, textures and designs. Choose beads that are not too heavy and easy to handle. You can get beads of different colors threaded in one wire to give your jewelry that colorful dash rather than sticking to one color. For creating that simple and stylish necklace or bracelet, you can use beads of alternating colors.

Use of soft-flex wire is recommended while beading different beaded acrylic body jewelry as it is flexible and very durable. Cut the flex wire in the length that you desire for your necklace or bracelet or as per the pattern that you have in mind for designing your acrylic body jewelry. Use of clasp while making your acrylic jewelry will also help you wear the jewelry comfortably without facing the fear of it falling off from your body.

One of the disadvantages of possessing acrylic body jewelry is that it is difficult to clean it. Use of alcohol, acetone and peroxide can have detrimental effect on the acrylic materials. Traditional cleaning process for such jewelry such as boiling is not good if you want to preserve your exquisite acrylic body jewelry for long. One has to be extremely careful while cleaning your precious pieces so that they could maintain the brilliance and the sheen without damaging them. Wearing acrylic body jewelry for a longer duration may cause discomfort and unpleasant odor.