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How to Buy Your First Nose Stud

A nose stud is one way to accentuate your facial features. It has the ability to immediately add allure and appeal to the wearer, and provides a degree of mystique and sensuality that most people look for.

If you are thinking about getting a nose stud you should research if a nose piercing is acceptable in your work and social circles. Many business, churches, and schools don’t permit nose jewelry, in spite of ethnic and religious implications. You need to determine for yourself is a nose piercing is worth all of the social anguish that it may result in.

If you are determined to have your nose pierced, in spite of the social problems, there are numerous options to hide your nose stud. A nose stud retainer is probably the easiest way to hide a nose piercing. This retainer is usually a substance such as a clear acrylic, and will make your piercing practically invisible to everyone except those who inspect closely. This kind of substitute is frequently a reasonably solution for the workplace.

Many people wonder which side of the nose is appropriate to pierce and if there are any social standards to determine which side of the nose is the best to hold a nose stud. Although the traditional location is in the left nostril, more girls are instead placing the nose stud in their right nostril. It all comes down to personal preference and doesn’t make any difference either way. It is certainly not a social disgrace to put the nose piercing in the right nostril.

A nose piercing is usually considered no more painful than any other places of piercings. The healing time is usually 3 to 12 months, and the hole will close rapidly if left without any jewelry in it. To protect against infection, the piercing should be done by a professional. Regular attention to detail and cleaning goes a long way to keeping the nose free from infection.

A nose stud is an alluring and exciting piece of jewelry that will bring out the features of your face. Add in the allure and sensuality that you have been looking for and join the growing force of people who are wearing a nose piercing.

If you do some research on the Internet, you will find all kinds of information on nose studs including guides, suggestions, and tips on everything that is related to nose piercings.