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Manufacturing Body Jewelry

Most of us buy our body jewelry without ever thinking about where it came from, what it is made of, or how it was made. The fact of the matter is that there are manufacturing processes of body jewelry that are important to how well the piece will hold up over time and even how comfortable the piece of jewelry will be when it is worn by the consumer.

Most body jewelry is created using a mold. This is done so that many pieces can be made to the specifications set by the manufacturer as quickly as possible. If each piece was individually shaped and made there would not be enough body jewelry to go around, especially as popular as body piercing is today. Instead, thousands of different pieces can be made at the same time so there are plenty of body jewelry options for each consumer to think of.

All quality body jewelry is made in a sterile environment. This is important because if the body jewelry is not clean and sterile it can cause infection, especially in new piercings. The sterile environment is important so that the material is not contaminated with substances that should not be in the body. Before you buy body jewelry you should be sure that the manufacturer uses only the highest quality materials as well as processes so you ensure that it is the best investment possible.

There are many different types of body jewelry ranging from acrylics, gold, silver, stainless steel, titanium and more and all of them are made in sterile environments where the material is heated and then poured into a mold. If there is threading this is done usually with a special machine that ensures that the ball or cone will thread easily onto the piece.