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Oral Piercing Types

Oral piercings are very common in people of all ages and from all walks of life. While oral piercings were once thought of as rebellious or even a bit odd, this is no longer the case. With many different oral piercings to choose from, many people are choosing to express themselves through oral piercings.

Lip piercing is a very common type of oral piercing. There are many different ways to pierce the lips, which is what makes them so common. If you don’t like one style of piercing there is another that you can choose! A lip piercing is simply any piercing that passes through the lip or lip region. Labret, snake bites, Monroe, and Medusa piercings are all common types of lip piercings. Generally the piercings fall into two different categories: center and off center. The center lip piercings are those that are in the center of the lip, such as a labret, and the off center are those that appear off to one side, such as a Monroe. Generally speaking lip piercings are fitted with labret studs, captive bead rings, or in some cases, barbells.

Tongue piercing is another very popular oral piercing today. The piercing of the tongue involves actually passing the jewelry through the tongue. This is usually done on the midline of the tongue about ¾ of an inch back from the tip of the tongue. The piercing is usually done on an angle so that the jewelry will slide back away from the teeth when the mouth is closed. There are some people who have more than one piercing in the midline of their tongue, although this is not an option for all people if their tongue is not long enough. The tongue piercing is usually fitted with a barbell.

Tongue web piercings, also known as a tongue frenulum piercing, is the piercing of the webbing that is found under the tongue. These are actually simpler than the piercing of the tongue and they will heal relatively quickly, although they have a high rate of rejection. Not everyone can have this piercing done as there needs to be enough webbing for the jewelry to pass through. Both captive bead rings and barbell body jewelry are worn in these piercings, although they are usually relatively low gauge since there is not much tissue to work with in this area.

T-bar piercing is a less common oral piercing because it involves more time and effort on the wearer’s behalf. This type of piercing is more involved as it will require two piercing sessions. The first piercing session will involve either the horizontal or vertical piercing of the tongue. After a period of healing the individual will then return for the remaining horizontal or vertical piercing, whichever was not done previously, to be done. The result is that there will be a t shaped appearance to the piercing of the tongue. These piercings are usually fitted with barbells, as this will give the appearance of a t shape to the two individual piercings.