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Body Bars - a popular body jewelry

There is numerous type of body jewelry that use body bars including eyebrow bars, banana bars, and tongue bars.

There are many different types of eyebrow bars that are made from all types of materials. Eyebrow bars are a type of body bars that are quite popular with college students and teenagers. They have different stones and beads are used eyebrow bars as are diamonds such as pearls and birthstones.

A titanium eyebrow bar is a plasma coated that is colored black. This is normally used as protective coating in medical devices such as an orthopedic implant. This same metal is used an eyebrow bar. Eyebrow bars are particularly popular with teenagers and the college crowd, which have helped bring this popularity of eyebrow bar piercing about. Body bars such as an eyebrow bar is trendy and cool in all of their different shapes and forms that are made from numerous metals including silver, titanium, and white gold or you can have it made from your favorite type metal.

Banana bars are another type of body bars that made especially for belly button piercing. There are numerous types of banana bars that are available today. Banana bars are available in bio flexible PTFE, gemstones, titanium, surgical steel, Zircon gold, Blackline, and acrylic. The body bars that are made from these materials are safe, attractive, and very popular. Belly button rings are sometimes pierced with a barbell and after the piercing has healed a decorative banana bar is worn like a captive bead ring or a dangling pendant. Banana bars come in all shapes including a rose, butterfly, Scorpio, lizard, iguana, and a dragon.

Tongue bars are a type of body bars that are the most desired fashion accessory in the world today. These body bars are available as tongue rings, tongue studs, and tongue bars. This type of body bars is available in blue, aqua, pink, and clear. In addition, they are usually made of acrylic or plastic. They are very popular with people of all ages and genders. There is even such a thing as a vibrating tongue bar. You should only metal plated or metal tongue bar jewelry. Tongue bars that are made for plastic will gather dirt from food and other items that may come into contact with the piercing. The best metals to use for tongue bars are 14K gold, stainless steel, and titanium. Tongue bars that are made from brass and nickel should be avoided since they can cause irritation and allergies.