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Belly Piercing

Belly piercing allows people to wear gold rings and other belly piercing jewelry in their belly buttons as a fashion statement. Belly piercing is very popular today. It is a newer fashion statement than lip, nose, and ear piercing that has been around since ancient times. While a belly piercing looks very beautiful on most belly buttons, it can be a rather difficult piercing to heal as a result of the body placement.

The primary physical qualification to having a belly piercing is that you need some sort of edge of extra tissue around your belly button that can be clamped and pierced through. Almost any form of the inny type of belly button will do, but many people who have the outy type of belly button also have sufficient edge for a belly piercing. Tissue that is protruding out from the belly button shouldn’t be pierced, only the skin tissue that is around the bowl of the belly button is suitably for a belly piercing. The placement of the piercing doesn’t really matter as long as there is a definite flap of skin to be pierced.

It usually takes about 6 to 9 months for this type of piercing to heal while a minimum of 50% of the people finally heal after about a year or somewhat longer. The abdominal is used a lot in overall body movement and the tissue is very muscular meaning that the blood supply to the surface skin is significantly less than in other areas of the body that are pierced. Clothing may easily irritate this type of piercing, and many people ensure that their waistbands don’t rub the jewelry and dress more loosely while the piercing is healing. In addition belly buttons that have been recently pierced are sensitive to numerous types of soaps and even some antibiotic washes and ointments. With a belly button piercing the less cleaning that is done the better off you will be.

After the belly piercing has healed, there are numerous types of belly chains, dangles, curved barbells, and captured bead rings Belly buttons do well wearing niobium, titanium, gold, and surgical steel. If you do any kind of highly vigorous physical activity and your piercing jewelry is in the way, there are a few options. One is take the jewelry out and temporarily replace it with a piece of mono filament fishing line that is the appropriate thickness or tape the jewelry down with a piece of first aid tape.