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The History of Body Jewelry

Body jewelry dates back a long, long ways. Many people associate piercing and body jewelry with current times because it has become widely accepted among people of all ages and walks of life. While body jewelry is very popular right now, the idea of piercing ones body and decorating it with various types of jewelry is nothing new.

In fact, experts believe that body jewelry and the associated piercing dates back more than 2,000 years! Body jewelry and piercing is even mentioned in the Bible where nomadic tribes were known for their jewelry made out of various materials such as bone and even wood. The history of body jewelry dates back quite a ways in Egypt where royal family members have been getting body piercing done as long as time itself.

While body jewelry is simply a fashion statement today, there are reasons that people wear it in some cultures. For instance, in the roman warriors piercing and wearing jewelry was a sign of strength and in other cultures body jewelry is a sign of beauty and even fertility. Each culture has its own reason for the piercing and wearing of body jewelry.

While body jewelry has been embraced by some cultures it has also been condemned by others. In fact, the practice of piercing and wearing body jewelry was considered illegal in many areas. While it was banned, it didn't stay that way for all that long before people began wearing it again to make a fashion statement, to do something different with their body, or even just achieve a certain social status.

Today people all over the world are piercing their bodies and there is a varying amount of acceptance of this practice. In most cultures today this is done as a fashion statement, to express oneself, or even for the intensified sexual experience. Body piercing and the wearing of body jewelry is more common than ever and there are many different parts of the body that are pierced as well as different materials that body jewelry is offered in.