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Non piercing earrings

Everyone loves wearing earrings. Furthermore, with the latest fad of having more than one ear piercing, there has been a tremendous surge in the demand for various designs of earrings to be worn in various parts of the ear. However, not everyone can be as enterprising to get multiple ear lobe piercing. Nonetheless, it does not mean that they can not be as fashion forward and sport multiple earrings. With the wide variety of non piercing earrings available in the market today, you can accessorize any of your outfits with them and step out in style.

Non piercing earrings, also known as clip on earrings, are a great choice for small girls and women who are scared of getting their ears pierced. As non piercing earrings come is various styles, designs and materials and are often very cheap, you can buy as many them as you want and add an edge to your look. In fact, most the costume jewellery collections launched by some leading fashion houses include a wide range of non piercing earrings that have been designed to perfectly match their couture pieces. Non piercing earrings are also used widely by models on ramp shows as they are easy to wear and remove and do not require spending more than a few seconds in changing them.

You can find non piercing earrings in almost every style and design conceivable, be it cabochon, chandelier, crystal, dainty or diamante. You can also get clip on earrings in the shape of a drop or as a hoop. Sometimes they are engraved with pearl or a gemstone to enhance their look and are even available in gold or silver tone to imitate real jewelry. Since non piercing earrings are so cheap, you can easily buy one for every day of the week and keep changing them to reflect the latest ramp styles and trends.

Non piercing earrings are available in two basic styles - ear cuffs and ear wraps. You can wear both these earrings by clasping them onto the contours of the ears. Once you have worn these, they create an illusion that the earrings are attached to the fold of the ear, thus making it very difficult for an onlooker to judge if you are wearing real or fake earrings. One of the best things about clip on earrings is that they do not cause any irritation even for those with sensitive skin.