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Nose Piercing Types

Nose piercing has long been practiced in many countries and cultures such as those found in India and Nepal. While nose piercing may have started out as a cultural tradition, today it is something that is done by many people. A lot of people who have nose piercings done do so for fashion reasons or even just as a means of self expression. Many people like the idea of a nose piercing because it is seen as beautiful and more socially acceptable by the mainstream population than perhaps some other facial piercings. Nose piercings can be made very low profile so that even people in professional settings can enjoy wearing body jewelry in their nose.

Nostril piercing is one of the most common types of nose piercings. This is the piercing of the nostril, usually on the left side. Some say piercing the left side because it is said to stimulate reproduction in females, and is even said to make childbirth easier. There are many different types of nose jewelry options for the nostril piercing. Some of the more common are the hoops or loops, studs with an l-bar closure, a stud with a ball closure, as well as a stud with a flat back. Many people choose simple nose screws that are jewelry that screw right into the nostril piercing. The nostril piercing tends to shrink over time, so it is important for those with this piercing to keep jewelry in it at all times to keep it from healing closed.

Nasal septum piercing is another type of nose piercing, but it is not as common as the nostril piercing. The septum piercing is often called a bull ring. This involved the piercing of the cartilage that is found between the two nostrils. In some cases the cartilage is pierced, but most professional piercing specialists will actually pierce instead in a gap between the cartilage at the bottom of the nose. This is preferred because it is less painful, as the nose is a densely packed with nerves. Captive bead rings are commonly worn in the septum piercings. Circular barbells are also common and those who stretch their septum piercings may also choose to wear plugs. Those who want to keep the piercing open but cannot wear jewelry daily often choose to wear retainers, which are shaped like staples, and will keep the piercing open while being very low profile.

Bridge piercing is another form of nose piercing. This is not a common type of piercing as it can be quite painful. The bridge piercing involves piercing the small amount of skin that is found at the top of the nose between the eyes. The piercing does not pass through the bone. This type of piercing is usually not worn long term because they have a very high rate of migration and eventually rejection. Curved barbells are the most common type of body jewelry worn in the bridge piercing, although straight barbells are very common, and some people even choose to wear seamless rings.