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Titanium Rings

Men and women's rings can be made from numerous materials including titanium, white gold, yellow gold, platinum, silver, sterling silver, stainless steel, and pewter. However, titanium rings are becoming more popular as a result of the numerous advantages of this metal.

Rings that are made out of titanium make great engagement rings, wedding rings, and rings that make a fashion statement. Most reputable jewelers usually only stock gold jewelry that have a karat mark. Pure gold has a karat mark of 24K. However, pure gold is extremely soft and is therefore impractical for jewelry. Most jewelry is made of gold that is somewhere between 10K and 18K. Gold rings are much heavier than titanium rings.

Titanium has the appearance of being a silver white shiny substance. Titanium is extremely durable and strong and is therefore perfect for making jewelry such as rings. Since it is completely corrosion resistant, titanium rings don't react to sunlight and saltwater.

Titanium rings are also completely hypoallergenic, unlike gold. This means that it won't cause an allergic reaction or irritate the skin. Many people who have had skin reactions with silver and gold are usually told to change to titanium jewelry. Silver and gold are frequently mixed with alloys in order to strengthen them which are usually the cause of the reaction.

While titanium rings are less expensive, lighter, and stronger than gold rings, there is a disadvantage to titanium. Titanium rings might be a hazard during a medical emergency. Since it’s so strong, some grades of titanium can't be cut with hospital tools in the case of an emergency.

Titanium won't cause any irritations on human skin such as discolorations or rashes because it is biocompatible. Another benefit of titanium is that it will not lose its color, corrode, or rust. In addition, titanium is not a precious metal such as platinum, silver, or gold and therefore titanium rings are much less expensive than rings that are made from those materials.

A combination of gold and titanium has become very popular in jewelry manufacturing. Titanium and gold rings give you the color and beauty of gold along with the durability and strength. Rings that have a tension setting are also quite popular. This setting has a stone that is held in place by the tension of the metal band. Gold, stainless steel, platinum and titanium rings are available with this setting. The tension setting is very flattering on the stone that is used, especially if it is a diamond.