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Wholesale Body Jewelry

9653 Item(s)
9653 Item(s)


Thailand body jewelry wholesale distributers which exports wholesale body jewelry, sterling silver nose Jewelry, Fake Body Jewelry, and Sterilized Piercing supplies..

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, Acha Co. is the leading supplier of online wholesale Body piercing Jewelry. And established since 2001

Flesh Tunnels, in high polished surgical steel and also in organic. Get organic plugs and acrylic tapers in all colors and shape

Septum Piercing, Septum Clickers and Fake Septum rings made from surgical steel and from sterling silver. Get the hottest styles now

Belly Bananas, Get the latest wholesale Belly Banana designs at wholesale prices. Surgical Steel Belly Rings and Acrylic Navel Bananas, we got them all.

Surgical Steel Barbells, Industrial Barbells, Tongue Barbells and Eyebrow Barbells, We got them all made from Surgical steel, Acrylic or Titanium G23,

Fake Plugs, Looking for acrylic fake plugs or maybe some fancy illusion steel fake plugs ? We got over 200 designs so rest assured we got what you need.

Wholesale Silver Nose Jewelry, 925 Silver Nose Bones, Sterling Silver Nose Studs and 14k Gold “Bend it yourself” Nose Studs and Screws. We got them all with prong set or bezel set crystals.

Eyebrow Bananas, Fancy 316L steel Eyebrow Bananas or cheap bulks of Acrylic Eyebrow Bananas with Acrylic UB Balls or glow in the dark cones.

Sterilized Body Piercing Jewelry, 100% Safe EO Gas sterilized body piercing jewelry made from Surgical steel or titanium G23, Sterilized Labrets and sterilized Barbells. We got the full range.

Body Jewelry on Display, We are a distributor of body jewelry display and we got a great range of items ranging from Plug Displays to Nose Jewelry displays and Fake plugs Displays.

PVD Body Jewelry, PVD Plated Eyebrow Bananas, PVD Plated Industrial Barbells, PVD Plated Labrets, PVD Plated Piercings, PVD Plated Spirals, PVD Plated Tongue barbells we have all of them and so much more

Surgical Steel Body Jewelry, Looking for wholesale 316L Body Jewelry and Nickel Free Body piercing jewelry such as Labrets, Barbells, Eyebrow Bananas or Flesh tunnels. Than Acha is your best source for body jewelry supplies

Titanium G23 Body Jewelry, Sourcing Authentic G23 Titanium Body Jewelry in high quality such as Belly bananas, Barbells, Labrets or Seamless Rings. Than Acha is your best source for body jewelry supplies

Tongue Rings - Surgical steel tongue bars, titanium tongue rings, tongue barbells, acrylic tongue jewelry, uv tongue piercing and bioflex tongue retainers.

Nose Rings - Sterling silver nose bones, titanium nose studs, steel nose screws, nose retainers, fish tails, nose pins and nose hoops.

Belly rings - Belly button rings, navel rings, titanium belly dangling, navel piercing bananas, steel belly rings, steel navel rings, anodized navel rings.

Plugs - Steel flesh tunnels, earlets, silicone ear tunnels, acrylic pinchers, wood expanders, bone spirals, stone double flare plugs, organic hollow plugs, nails, claws, tapers, septum spikes and talons.

Lip rings - Steel lip rings, Lip bars, titanium lips rings, labret studs, anodized lip rings

Eyebrow bars - Eyebrow bars, eyebrow rings, steel eyebrow rings, anodized steel eyebrow rings.

Nipple Rings - nipple rings, nipple bars, nipple body piercing.

Fake Body Jewelry - non piercing jewelry as belly rings, fake tongue rings, fake nose rings.

Exclusive Body Jewelry - exclusive piercing jewellery

Our body piercing factory produces all types of wholesale body jewelry, this includes: tongue rings, titanium tongue bars, tongue piercing jewelry, navel bars, belly rings, nose rings, nose piercing, lip piercing, nipple jewelry, nipple rings, eyebrow piercing, eyebrow rings, eyebrow bars, belly button jewelry, nose jewelry, tongue jewelry, nipple jewelry.

The online web store stocks tongue rings, nipple rings, belly piercing, wholesale body jewelry, wholesale piercing supplier, wholesale body piercing, wholesale body jewelry, wholesale stainless steel jewelry and sterling silver body jewelry wholesale distributor.

Our Inventory of wholesale body jewelry includes:

  • Cheap Body Jewelry
  • Quality Wholesale Stainless Steel Jewelry
  • Gold body piercing belly bars with Cubic Zirconia
  • Non piercing fake imitation magnetic non body piercing jewelry and body piercing
  • Black line titanium industrial piercings
  • Tungsten with cz and titanium
  • Organic Horn, Bone and Wood wholesale Body Jewelry Plugs, tapers, Flesh Tunnels, Pinchers and Expanders from Bali, Indonesia.
  • Silver Piercing, rainbow gay pride Jewelry

Labrets, circular barbells, eyebrow barbells, silver hoops, belly rings, horseshoes, cbrs, bcrs, captive bead rings, nose pins, nose screws, segment rings, surface piercing, belly bars, tongue bars, dermal anchors, tragus piercings, helix piercings, nipple shields, hollow plugs, flared plugs and solid plugs.