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Infection from Body Piercings

Infection from body piercings doesn’t happen with every piercing, but it can happen to anyone. You can help to avoid infection by ensuring that you have your piercing done by a qualified piercing specialist and by following aftercare instructions. By following the aftercare instructions that are provided to you by your piercing specialist you will help to protect yourself again infection.

Choosing the right piercing specialist will help you avoid infection. If you are pierced by someone who is not qualified or does not use the right equipment you may be pierced with the wrong or even contaminated equipment. Even the best after care instructions will not help you if you are pierced by contaminated, faulty, or ineffective equipment. Ask a piercing specialist for their credentials before paying or allowing for your body to be pierced in any manner. This will not give you 100% certainty that you will not get an infection, but it will give you a fighting chance!

Infection is caused by the overgrowth of bacteria. The problem with piercings is that they take awhile to heal and during this time the piercing is constantly coming in contact with bacteria that naturally occur on your skin and in your environment. This is why cleaning the piercing is so important. When you clean the piercing with a microbial agent suggested by your piercing specialist, you removing these potentially dangerous bacteria and also promoting healing.

Infection is usually obvious to the person who has been pierced because there will usually be a marked increase in pain. If the piercing had not been causing any pain and begins hurting, this is a good sign that infection is present. Infection may be present with or without discharge from the piercing. Discharge may or may not be colored or have an odor. If you suspect you have an infection you should ensure that you are cleansing the piercing as indicated by your piercing specialist. If you do not see any improvement within 48 hours you should seek medical care and you should not attempt to remove the piercing.