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Body Jewelry Fashion Trends

Body jewelry is like everything else, the trends change from year to year. The great thing is that there is always something new to try out and nothing ever really goes out of style. If you find something that you really like either in material or style you will be able to continue to enjoy it. Fashion jewelry is always changing, but the classics will never go away.

This year some of the hottest trends are seen in the belly rings. Belly rings right now are all about the bling! While simple was better a couple years ago dangles, gems and jewels, and color is all the rage right now.

In barbells and labrets you are going to see new shapes and sizes, different colors, different materials, and of course color. If you have wanted to add a bit of color and your own personal style to your body jewelry this is the year to do it as you will find a lot of new styles. Of course, the balls and cones are being enhanced with gems and jewels to add something special to your piercing.

Nose rings are also a hot item, as they have always been. The same trend of color will be seen in nose rings this year and well into the future. You can get nose rings made of many different materials in a wide variety of colors and sizes, with everything ranging from the micro pieces to the larger ones being popular.

Color is popular this year but so too are different materials. If you are looking for something new you'll definitely find a wide variety of things to choose from in gold, silver, acrylic, tungsten, surgical steel, and more! With all of these options you'll be able to make the current trends your own so that you'll be style but you'll also have something that will suit your own personal style!