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Eyebrow Rings - eyebrow piercing

Eyebrow rings are one of the most common types of facial jewelry that are worn not only by teenagers but also by thousands of young adults. They are not only safe but they also allow you to express yourself. An eyebrow piercing is usually done at an angle from the corner of the eye. However, it can be pierced safely along the eyebrow anywhere from corner or right above the eyebrow.

While all piercings of the body and face and may easily get infected or at least irritated, eyebrow rings are the safest and the piercing only takes about 6 to 8 weeks to heal. This is assuming they are properly taken care of by cleaning twice daily cleaning with an antibacterial soap that is unscented and a mild disinfectant. Alcohol should never be used in cleaning your piercings because it will dry the piercing out.

Eyebrow piercings are usually filled with eyebrow rings, curved barbells, and barbells. These are the most common types of eyebrow jewelry that people are wearing today. Eyebrow rings will place some degree of pressure on the piercing. This pressure can cause piercing migration or irritation over time, particularly in a fresh piercing. Eyebrow rings aren’t always used in the initial piercing because there is other body piercing jewelry available for that purpose and eyebrow rings may create an unnecessary risk of rejection or migration in the eyebrow piercing.

When you first put eyebrow rings in, make sure the piercing is completely healed or else you may get an infection. Also, ensure that the tools are sanitized before you get your eyebrow pierced. If you do get an infection, you may experience fever, heat, and pain. Don’t move or touch the eyebrow piercing in the months of healing, particularly while cleaning it. Sometimes while it is healing bacteria and pus may leak out of the eyebrow piercing, which may result in a crust forming around it. Be careful not to introduce this crust into the eyebrow piercing as this may lead to infection and pain.

Like most piercings, eyebrow piercings were originated in contemporary music. These music origins include hardcore punk, punk rock, heavy metal, and rock.

There is no straight or gay side of eyebrow rings. That is simply urban legend and wishful thinking that originate from various groups who just like to make false claims. There is really is no such thing that says that one side is straight or gay.