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Tongue Bar - Tongue Piercing Jewelry

A tongue bar is a piece of tongue piercing jewelry. They are available in numerous color, styles, and shapes. There are some that are stone studded and they can be made steel, acrylic, zircon, titanium, and many other materials. They can also be custom designed.

A custom tongue bar can be made quickly. Some of the styles that are available include imprinted cartoon images, crystal ones that shine, naughty logo bars, vibrating tongue bars, leopard print, and cherries. You can also get a tongue retainer, if you want to hide you're piercing some times and show off at others. One of the most desired fashion accessories that are available today is the tongue bars. Because of its finish and style it has allured people of all ages. Night club goers, girls and guys, college students, and teenagers are all appealed to it equally. If you want to look different from others, create your own style of tongue bar and don’t imitate others.

An off center tongue piercing that uses a bar must be carefully placed in order to avoid severing a large blood vessel. There is also a greater risk of accidentally biting down on the tongue bar.

Tongue piercings made through the side and front edges of the tongue through the use of a ring has been successful for many people, but it does impede speaking and eating. The piercing ring can rub against the gums and result in irritation. If a person wants this type of piercing, the diameter of the piercing ring must be big enough to permit swelling. A ring that is too small in diameter will cause the piercing to scar or migrate. A smaller piercing ring may be worn after the piercing has healed.

A tongue bar is typically 10 to 14 gauge and 3/4" to 1" in length. The tongue bar should be at least 1/4" longer than the thickness of the tongue in order to accommodate swelling. Swelling should not impede a person breathing. If the bar is too short, the balls on the end of the bar may become embed in the tongue. The bar can be shortened following the swelling has gone down which is usually after about 2 to 4 weeks. Shortening the bar will usually correct eating or speech impediment. Many piercers do not use the 14 gauge size since there is a risk of tearing the piercing.