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Nose Studs

A nose stud is a piercing jewelry placed on either side of the nostril after a piercing has been made. The curve of the nose is where the piercing usually goes through although some have modified it to use their personal taste. A ring is primarily used as the first piece because it can be rotated to clean the piercing site. Once the piercing has healed it can be replaced with a nose stud. Nose studs are one of the more exotic of the piercings that a person can get. It immediately changes your appearance and adds an exotic look to the face of a person wearing the stud. While there is cheap body jewelry available for the nose, it is recommended that a quality piece be used because of where the piercing is done, and after the healing you can buy pieces of lesser quality.

Studs are made with many different materials and more often than not the ones with precious stones both fake and real are the ones that garner the most attention. For safety reasons a nostril screw style from India is the preferred choice, because it prevents injuries.

A nose stud is a piece of jewelry that you can easily put on or take off with out a noticeable difference on the site of the piercing and this is one of its advantages.