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Nose Pins

Nose pins are piercing jewelry made for the nose, some confuse nose studs with nose pins and the difference is pins have a tail that is set at a right angle in order to allow for an easier placement, they are often very short and they either have a bead at the end or they are just straight, while studs are larger then nose pins. A piercing is needed for the nose pins to be worn and having an experienced piercer is very important, a nose piercing takes anywhere between three to six months to heal and this healing can be prolonged if appropriate instructions are not given and followed, so finding a piercing parlor with good reputation is key.

Nose pins are one of the most beautiful lines of piercing jewelry, they come in all the precious metals, silver, gold, platinum and they are embellished with all the precious stones available and the designs are equally great. The piercing on the nose is associated with the culture of India, they have been piercing their nose and adorning them with precious jewels and gold chains for hundreds of years, and the exotic allure is one of the reasons that this piercing has become very popular.