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Nose Screws

Nose screws are a class of piercing jewelry that is made for a nose piercing, it looks like a regular stud from the outside with the choice of design that is placed on it, but instead of a backing the post bends, is L shaped, semi circle or a hook, or a straight backing that can be bent to fit the nose individually. Piercings that are needed to accept nose screws or any other piercing jewelry should be made with an experienced piercer and appropriate care has to be taken during the healing period, which is up to six months for this type of piercing. Once it has healed it is best to replace the starter piece because it would have been slightly larger to make up for some swelling. Nose screws are made of materials such as stainless steel, gold, and any color titanium to name a few, with many choices of designs and jewels to put on the ornamental end of the nose screws that one chooses as well.

The biggest reason nose screws are chosen is because they stay in the nose more securely, which is a plus if you have a precious jewel on your piece. The exotic look that is achieved by a nose piercing is because we associate it with the Indian culture, which they have been doing for centuries.