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Nose Jewelry

Nose jewelry is a line of jewelry made for the nose usually after it has been pierced. The types of jewelry are captive or fixed bead rings, nostril screws, pins, and studs; there are also bars and plugs that are included as part of what is considered nose jewelry. The piercing on the nose has to be taken care of diligently, which can take up to six months for it to heal and it is highly recommended that the initial piece of jewelry be left in there for that time. The size of the piercing should be 18 or 16 gauge with clean metals such as surgical grade stainless steel, titanium or niobium for the starter piece.

The choices available for nose jewelry are vast and the precious stones such as diamond, ruby and emerald, metals like gold and platinum, alloys, crystals, plastics and bones that come in as many shapes makes it a piercing that is very easy to adorn. The exotic look of nose jewelry and the dramatic effect that it has on the face is the allure of this piercing and the almost limitless type of jewelry made for it also makes it one of the most popular.