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Nose Piercing

A nose piercing is a piercing made on the nose which there are three types of. The nostril (Ala), septum, and bridge, the nostril is the most familiar place for a this type of piercing which is the sides of the nose, the bridge (also called Earl) is the top part of the nose, the piercing goes through the skin but does not traverse the cartilage, and the septum, contrary to what most people think the cartilage itself is not pierced by most, it is the small gap between the cartilage at the bottom of the nose and the healing time for all these piercings is anywhere between two to six months. As with all piercings take your time and find a reputable piercing parlor and follow the instruction meticulously.

A nose piercing is made to have a piercing jewelry placed in them and there are a several types that can be worn on the nose. Stud, pins, screws, rings, bars, pinchers and plugs are some of the types that are available, made with metals, alloys, stones, woods, glass and plastics, and if the nose piercing is not accepted it can be some what concealed with nylon retainers to keep it from closing.

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