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Nose Rings

Nose rings are a type of piercing jewelry placed on the nose; these rings are placed there after a piercing of the nose has been made, the placement of the ring can be made on either side of the nostril or the septum. They come in different sizes, colors and materials. Because of the location of the piercing it is very important that all instructions given by the person that made the piercing be followed, this will speed the time it takes for the piercing to heal with out any complications, that is why it is vital to choose an experienced piercer. Another thing to be aware of is that under no circumstances should a piercing gun be used on a nose piercing.

The initial nose rings or starters should be made with surgical grade stainless steel, titanium, niobium or PTFE, avoid using silver and nine carat gold initially as they will stain the tissue permanently. The piercing takes anywhere from two to six months to heal and once it has, it can be replaced with different kinds of nose rings made with many types of materials. The acceptance of nose piercings by our culture has made it common place, and if how you want to express yourself is by wearing nose rings then you should not be deterred.