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Gold Nose Ring

A gold nose ring is a piercing jewelry made to be worn on the nose, and although the nostrils are the most common place for this, the septum can also be pierced to have a nose ring. The rings come in different sizes to accommodate some options for stretched piercings. The choice of gold for a piercing is a great one because of what gold symbolizes and the added benefit of its non corrosive properties; it can be placed as a starter piece of jewelry in a piercing if a higher carat gold nose ring is used with out causing any allergic reaction. A piercing is needed if this particular jewelry is meant to be worn, and getting a nose piercing from someone that is qualified and has sufficient experience is very important so complications can be avoided. A nose piercing can take anywhere between three to twelve months to heal depending on the amount of cartilage pierced. A gold nose ring is another way to put an accent on a piercing that has an exotic appeal to most people, and the dramatic effect that gold has on any piece of jewelry will highlight this piercing even more.

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