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Nose Piercing Jewelry

Nose piercing jewelry is the class of jewelry that is placed on the nose once a piercing is made. There is a large variety of jewelry to wear on the nose and the choice depends on what type of piercing a person receives to accommodate the jewelry, and the piercing should be made by an experienced piercer and after care instructions followed to avoid the possibility of infections, and reduce healing time.

What type of nose piercing jewelry to wear is a personal one; there are studs, rings, pins, screws, barbells and even plugs if the choice is made to stretch the piercing. The choice in materials is also as varied, the initial piercing is usually done with surgical grade stainless steel or another metal that is non reactive to avoid possible allergy. Once it is removed though there is silver, gold, titanium, precious jewels, plastics, bones and wood and these are just some of the options available.

The piercing of the nose has been practiced for hundreds of years and it is most commonly associated with the culture of India, which they use to accentuate beauty and medical reasons. Nose piercing jewelry is widely accepted, but if a situation calls for it to be removed it can easily be done.