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Piercing Guide

Finding a definitive source when it comes to the culture of piercing has been a difficult proposition at best. Our aim of this piercing guide is to create a large database that would be able to provide anyone that is interested in obtaining a piercing and the body jewelry to adorn it a foundation of accurate information that will help you make an informed decision. We have been diligent in our effort to make our piercing guide as concise and informative as possible so the information you are searching for can be obtained quickly and more importantly accurately.

The terminologies that are used for the types of piercing and body jewelry can be intimidating if you have never heard of them, while it is easy enough to understand a tongue piercing or a navel piercing, a tragus or an industrial piercing might not be as simple. This piercing guide will help you getting the definitions of all the piercing that are available while providing what the piercing involves and the curative period of each piercing is some of the relevant information that will be provided to anyone that is potentially going to get a piercing or body modification. While providing the information about the types of piercing might be enough , we thought that it would better serve those seeking this kind of information to also include all the body piercing jewelry materials, knowing the body jewelry materials will help you understand the large variety of piercing jewelry.

Body piercing guide

Which piercing should I get?

There is an incredibly large amount of body piercing jewelry and this can also be overwhelming when someone is trying to purchase such jewelry: Tongue rings, nose studs, and belly bars might sound somewhat familiar even if you are not in the know when it comes to piercing jewelry but there are flesh tunnels, nose screws, and industrial barbells to name just a very small selection of the body jewelry being sold. This piercing guide will help you understand that the materials body jewelries and the different types of body jewelry, this piercing guide will give you information not only on common materials as silver and gold but more innovative materials that are being used by piercing manufacturers like titanium, niobium, glass, and exotic plastics are just few of the examples that will be described.

The evolving nature of body modification is such that the database we are accumulating will always be open to add more types of piercings and the jewelry that is going to be made for them. Our goal in writing this piercing guide is to provide the most up to date and accurate information available to anyone how is inserted in piercing and body jewelry.

Here are a list of the most common body jewelry values:
Nose Rings, Belly Button Ring, Belly Rings, Tongue Rings, Piercing, Body Jewelry, Eyebrow Rings, Nipple Ring, Nose piercing, Navel Jewelry, Lip piercing, Belly piercing, Eyebrow Jewelry