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Navel Piercing

A navel piercing is a piercing made on the tissue right above the navel, and it is not made on the actual navel or belly button. The navel piercing can be made on different sides of the belly button, the top which is what is normally done, the sides, and an inverted piercing which is made on the bottom. An industrial piercing can also be made as part of a navel piercing and that is where two piercing are connected by a barbell. Because enough of the tissue has to be present to get this piercing it is vital that a trustworthy piercing parlor with a great deal of experience is found to perform this piercing. Not every one will be a candidate for this piercing so that is where the honesty of the piercer comes in, the look of the piercing will not be achieved if said tissue is not present, and some people have it and some do not. This is also a piercing that takes up to a year and half to heal for some people and if instructions are followed it will greatly reduce the healing time. The jewelry available for this piercing is the most beautiful and sexiest in the body piercing line.

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