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Belly Button Bars

Belly button bars are jewelry made to be worn on a piercing on the navel, mostly referred to as curved or straight barbells they are given the name because of their resemblance to weight lifting barbells. They are attached in the piercing by the balls at the end of the bars which are screwed in place and this is done by internally or externally threaded stems. Internally threaded jewelry is preferred for piercings because they don’t have threads that could potentially damage tissue, especially if the piercing is new. The type of belly button bars used is a personal choice; the one recommendation that should be followed is that the initial piece be made with surgical grade stainless steel to avoid any possible infection or rejection.

The most popular piercing other than earlobes the available piercing jewelry for the belly button is extensive, belly button bars are just one style but they come in distinct shapes and these shapes are made to adorn many different kinds of designs and themes. Aside from gold, silver, metals and alloys it is made with dangling jewelry that is attached on these pieces made from precious stones such as diamonds, rubies as well as crystals.

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