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Belly Button Piercing

A belly button piercing contrary to what its name implies is not on the belly button. The piercing is made on the excess tissue that is directly above the belly button, and since we are not all made the same way there are those that are not the ideal candidates to have this piercing. Therefore an experienced piercer that can accurately assess whether one is qualified or not is essential. The top, sides and an inverted piercing which is made at the bottom are the locations where the belly button piercing can be made. This particular piercing is one that takes a long time to heal because of where it is located, constant motion and bending prolongs the healing time which can be anywhere between six to eighteen months.

Ideally the initial belly button piercing should have surgical grade stainless steel; this is a material that has very few complications because of any possible allergic reaction. After the piercing has healed the original piercing can be removed and the many choices of navel jewelry available can be worn. Barbells and rings made with many different materials and decorated with precious jewels are made by piercing jewelry manufacturers to please any style.

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