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Navel Jewelry

Navel jewelry also known as belly button jewelry is a line of jewelry made to be worn usually after a piercing has been made, for those not willing to go through a piercing there are non piercing navel jewelry available. Barbells or bars and rings are the preferred choice line of jewelry that are placed on the navel, the bars especially come in many different shapes and styles made to adorn dangling jewelry from them. Curved, straight, circular and twisted are some of the ways they are made and each variation is made with as many different designs and motifs that cover almost any subject matter that one is interested in. The navel jewelry is made with gold, silver, stainless steel, and titanium, with precious and custom jewels as options. If a piercing is going to made to wear the jewelry it should be known that it is one of the piercings that takes the longest time to heal, and keeping it clean and following directions given at the time of the piercing will help in reducing the time. Wearing navel jewelry in its many variations is one of the most popular ways of self expression by people from all walks of life.

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