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Belly Ring

A belly ring is a piece of piercing jewelry that is placed on a piercing made on the navel, there are rings made with different materials that are placed on this piercing, surgical grade stainless steel, gold, titanium, and niobium are just some of the choices available. Before the belly ring can be put on a piercing has to made and this piercing is one that takes the longest to heal, it can take up to a year and more depending on how well one takes care of the piercing. There is also another consideration to make when having this piercing, not everyone is a good candidate and if your piercer suggests that you will not be able to have this procedure done, heed their advice and don’t find another one, it will save you a lot of pain and suffering. A belly ring should not be less than fourteen gauges, smaller gauge rings might migrate ending up in different parts of the navel. The piercing on the navel is extremely popular as exemplified by the celebrities and models that wear them, and because it can be hidden it is a very convenient option that people are willing to exercise.