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Belly Button Ring

A belly button ring is a piercing jewelry worn on the belly button after the piercing has been done; there are many types of rings made of different materials, they are made with alloys, precious metals and stainless steel. A smooth segment ring is another option; this is a type of ring where a removable curved segment acts as the closing mechanism, while its continuous circular boundary makes it very smooth and comfortable to wear. This also allows it be turned 360 degrees without any obstacle, making it effortless to clean and care for your piercing, and this type of belly button ring is also made of titanium, surgical steel or blackline.

There has to be a piercing made for this type of jewelry to be worn and some one with a great deal of experience should be chosen when attempting to do so. This is a piercing that needs to be taken care of, and the time it takes to heal is totally dependent on how well that is done, because there have been cases where it has taken more than a year and a half. That should not discourage anyone from getting this piercing; it should make them aware of the importance about taking care of such a piercing in order to have a great result so you can enjoy your belly button ring.