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Belly Piercing

Belly bananas

A belly piercing is a body modification that a person goes through to wear a piercing jewelry, as the name implies the piercing is not on the belly button, it is made on the tissue directly above the belly button or on the sides, and sometimes on the bottom which is referred to as an inverted belly piercing. This particular piercing can not be made on everyone and an honest and reputable piercing parlor should be found to assess whether a person is the right candidate for this piercing. The reason for this is a belly piercing has to have enough tissue for the piercing to take place, and we are all made differently and some of us have this tissue and some of us do not. If you do get the piercing because you are a good candidate for it, it is important to know that a belly piercing takes a long time to heal, as a matter of fact it is on of the piercings that takes the longest to heal, it can take anywhere from six months to a year and a half and this depends on how well it is taken care off. Once the piercing has fully healed it is time to enjoy all the piercing jewelry available for the belly button.

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