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Belly Bars

Belly bars are part of body jewelry in which the piece of jewelry which has a rod, goes through the piercing with a ball at either end to hold it in place. These pieces come either straight or curved and they have different names such, bananabell, circular, bent as well as spiral barbells, and twisted barbells and several others. The next option when getting belly bars is whether to get internally or externally threaded jewelry, internally threaded belly bars have smooth ends with receiving threads tapped into the end of the bar which makes them safer and better, and externally threaded jewelry is where the threads are actually on the outside of the metal shaft.

The piercing made on the navel for the belly bars is one that takes the longest to heal, proper cleaning, care, and strict adherence to the instructions given by an experienced piercer should be observed not to prolong the healing process. Belly bars are made with many different metals, alloys and even plastics and embellished with as many different jewels. Navel piercing is only second to that of the ear, which explains the multitude of styles of belly bars and other types of jewelry made for it.