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Tongue Piercing

A tongue piercing is a piercing made on the tongue, there are several location on the tongue in which this is done. Midline piercing which is the most common is made on the front third of the tongue, side and tip of the tongue, a tongue web made on the underside of the tongue, and a horizontal piercing which is rare and should be done with a piercer who is very experienced as nerve damage is highly probable. Swelling is very common after a tongue piercing often almost to twice the original size, which starts to decrease in a couple of days. One of the advantages of a tongue piercing is its ability to heal with out many complications, but this also makes it a piercing that closes rather quickly so a piercing jewelry has to be worn at all times.

The jewelry that is familiar to everyone for a tongue piercing is the barbell and the many shapes it comes in, but rings are also placed on the tongue when the side or tip is pierced. Although tongue piercing has been practiced by many different cultures, wearing any type jewelry or ornament on it has not been reliably verified, which makes it a recent trend.

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