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Tongue Rings

A tongue ring is a piercing jewelry that is worn on the tongue after a piercing has been made for it. The ring is almost always worn on the tip or sides of the tongue with different sizes and styles of rings. It is recommended that the first ring be small and stretching not be made at the tip of the tongue. Before the tongue ring can be worn a piercing has to made to the tongue, having the piercing done by an experienced piercer is very important and the care that is given after is necessary in order to avoid any possible infections or complications. The tongue will swell after a piercing and a larger ring has to be placed to compensate for that.

The tongue ring is made of several different materials, stainless steel, gold, and titanium are some of the available options, and the ring can also have beads on them so the choice of having different colors on the ring can be made. The tongue has been pierced by many different cultures around the world for some time now, although placing a tongue ring on it has not been done for a long time.