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Tongue Bar

A tongue bar is placed on the tongue with a piercing that will support the piece of jewelry, the piercing is needed and as such it should be done with some one with extensive knowledge about piercing. There is considerable enlargement when the tongue is pierced and it is a customary phase that it goes through before it starts healing. Some suggest putting ice to reduce the enlargement but the metal gets extremely cold and it can be quiet painful until it warms up. The initial tongue bar should be larger so it will have room for the eventual swelling, but after the swelling has subsided you can replace it with one which you can manage.

Until one gets used to it, the steel beads to screw in the tongue bar should be replaced with plastic ones, because it is possible to chip ones teeth. Getting used to eating and talking will take some doing but it is has been done by everyone that has gotten a piercing so it possible.

Piercing of the tongue is an ancient ritual that has been present for hundreds of years, it was done for religious and personal reasons and it so until the present day.