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Tongue Bars

Tongue bars are piercing jewelry made for the tongue, they are specially designed so the chance of aspiration (swallowing) is reduced, the top ball and the shaft are a single piece and the bottom ball is screwed in under the tongue, but there are also tongue bars that have the option of having both tips removed. The bars come internally or externally threaded and the internally threaded pieces are more comfortable when removing the tongue bars. Piercings of the tongue heal very quickly and any jewelry put in them should not be left out for too long, as for the piercing it self it heals rather fast with out a lot of complications and the only concern people have with is the swelling, and it is usually gone in a week or less.

Stainless steel, titanium, acrylic, niobium and gold are some of the different materials that tongue bars are made of, with many options available for the ball to hold the shaft. One of the options for the balls is plastic at the beginning because it helps reduce the risk of chipping ones tooth, but once it gets used too it can be replaced with metal ones with different colors and shapes.