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Lip Ring

A lip ring is a piece of jewelry placed on the lip after a piercing is made, the piercing sometimes referred to as a labret is usually made on the lower lip, although some people do wear a lip ring on the top lip. Piercing of the lip should be made by some one that is experienced, and proper care should be followed to avoid infections. One of the most important things to know about a lip piercing is that the lip ring should not be taken out for an extended period because it is one of the piercings that heals the fastest, if it has to be taken out there are nylon keepers to keep it from closing. The lip ring that is most commonly used as the starter is a 14 gauge ring and this can be replaced once it has healed, which can be up to twelve weeks.

The rings are made of precious and non precious metals as well as alloys, which come in many different sizes if the choice is made to increase the size of the piercing. Lip piercing has been around for a very long time, practiced by indigenous peoples around the world to enhance beauty and in some cultures to symbolize marital status.