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Lip Piercings

Lip piercings are any piercings that are made on the upper or lower lip for the purpose of wearing body piercing jewelry. Where the lip is pierced will generally dictate what type of jewelry is to be placed in that particular perforation, and there are names for the different locations of the piercings. Labrets are not technically lip piercings but they are wrongly and most commonly referred to as lip piercings. A Madonna is made above the upper lip in the corner, Medusa is made on center of the upper lip between the lip and the nose, and there is a piercing in the inside of the lip called a smiley or Scrumper that is made on the frenulum web in the upper lip. Lip piercings because of where they are situated should be taken care of with diligence after the piercing is made. Infections are highly possible and this can be remedied by washing hands as often as possible and by not touching the piercing unless it is being cleaned. The type of jewelry for this piercing are rings, studs, and bars that are made in many configurations made with as many different materials to meet the need of any piercing devotee.

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