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Lip Jewelry

Lip jewelry is a line of jewelry made for the lips and a piercing is needed for this particular jewelry to be worn. There are several types of jewelry for the lip, rings, studs and bars or barbells which are made in many different shape and styles, and they are the most familiar types that are made. What type of jewelry is worn dictates where the piercing has been made, but it is the choice of the individual and any piece of jewelry can be worn anywhere as long as it is comfortable. In order to wear lip jewelry a piercing is need on the lip and this piercing has to have special care because where the piercing is located, keeping it clean will reduce the healing time which takes anywhere between two to six months.

Lip jewelry is made with regular metals like Stainless steel and titanium as well as precious ones like silver, gold, and platinum, as well as plastics, adding colors or precious jewels to some of these pieces is an option. Wearing lip jewelry is a distinctive way of expressing ones self and its popularity has made it an acceptable part of our increasingly tolerant culture.

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