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Lip Piercing

A lip piercing is a piercing made on the upper or lower lip, wrongly referred to as a labret by most people a labret is a piercing placed under the center of the lower lip. A lip piercing on the other hand is made anywhere on the lip and placement of the piercing will dictate what type of piercing jewelry one wears. Different names are given depending where the piercing is made a Madonna is located above the upper lip in the corner, Medusa is an upper lip piercing placed in the center between the lip and nose, a smiley also known as Scrumper is a ring worn in the frenulum web inside the upper lip, and any piercing on the actual lip is just a lip piercing. Proper care of this piercing is essential because of the location, the mouth is a gateway to a lot of potential bacteria, so keeping it clean will prevent any potential infections which increase the healing time of the piercing.

Rings and bars are the standard choice for a lip piercing, and they are made with many different metals, alloys, glass and plastics and styles accented with precious jewels and crystals to please anyone.

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