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Nipple Ring

A nipple ring is a piece of jewelry made for a piercing on the nipple. The rings available are made with different materials such as gold, silver, titanium and niobium with options to add paraphernalia that will individualize the nipple ring to the taste and style of the person. The piercing on the nipple is one of the most private piercings that a person can receive and having the choice of revealing the piercing when one is willing to do so is one of the reasons that it is chosen. As with all piercings it is very important to follow some guidelines after the piercing is done, keeping it clean will reduce the healing time which depends on how large the nipples are, it is about two months for smaller nipples and six months for larger ones. The size of the ring should be fourteen gauges because smaller nipple ring will migrate increasing the chance of rejection. The piercing on the nipple has been done according to some sources by Egyptian royalty, but Roman soldiers were definitely practitioners as were countless cultures through out the ages, so if putting on a nipple ring is a choice you are willing to make, you will be in the company of millions that have done the same.

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