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Nipple Jewelry

Nipple jewelry is jewelry made for the nipple after is has been pierced, rings, bars or barbells, chains, and nipple shields are part of the different styles, shapes and accessories that can be classified as nipple jewelry. This line of jewelry is made with precious metals like gold, silver and platinum as well as alloys like titanium, niobium and stainless steel. The bars made for the nipple is one which offers a larger selection of styles and shapes than the ring, they are curved, straight, and circular made to be adapted to have chains or other ornaments with precious jewels on them. In order to wear nipple jewelry a piercing has to be made on the nipple and the initial piercing should be fitted with a fourteen gauge piece of jewelry made with surgical grade stainless steel, this size will ensure that it will not migrate from the nipple. The anatomy of the nipple differs between men and women, and the healing time after the piercing is also dependent on that fact as well as the size of the nipple, females tend to heal faster than males as do smaller nipples. The added benefit of wearing nipple jewelry is the pleasure that people get from it besides the aesthetic value.

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