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Nipple Bars

Nipple bars are a line of piercing jewelry made to be worn after a piercing on the nipple has been made. The bars also known as barbells come in different shapes and styles, made to have additions such as chains and dangling jewelry on them, they are made with gold, silver, stainless steel and newer materials are always being added such as plastics and alloys. The piercing that takes place for the nipple bars should be made by an experienced piercer; a fourteen gauge piece of jewelry is the recommended size for a starter piece because a piercing on the nipple tends to migrate if a smaller size is chosen. The nipple heals according to its size and gender, smaller nipples and women tend to heal faster than men, which is two to six months for most people. The nipple bars are made straight, curved, circular and other shapes that are constantly being invented by the body piercing jewelry industry. The piercing on the nipple is an old form of body modification, practiced by many different cultures around the world for many different reasons and nipple bars are just a more modern way of expressing what has been done through out the ages.

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