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Eyebrow Jewelry

Eyebrow jewelry is made to be worn in a piercing made on the brow. There are two types of jewelry that are made for this body part and they are rings and bars, which come in slightly smaller sizes than those made for other body parts because of where the eyebrow is located. Some of the materials which the eyebrow jewelry is made of are stainless steel, gold, titanium and plastic. The piercing on the brow is one that is prone to rejecting the jewelry that is placed on it; this is because there has to be enough tissue on the ridge of the brow for it to be pierced. If there is enough tissue and the piercing is going to be made surgical grade stainless steel or another non reactive metal such as titanium should be used.

This is one of the least painful piercings which has the added benefit of healing rather quickly and the fact that the eyebrow jewelry can be taken out with out a noticeable piercing makes it convenient when occasions don’t permit this form of expression. Although piercing the body has been part of many cultures for thousands of years wearing eyebrow jewelry is a very recent trend.

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